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Backyard Revolution™
By Zack Bennett
Complete Backyard Revolution™ System. Set up your own Solar Powered Power Grid. 
Bonus #1: Homestead EMP Protection Protocol
Bonus #2: Energy Stockpiling Secrets
Bonus #3: Homestead Alternative Energy Sources
Bonus #4: 60-Day Money Back Guarantee
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What is Backyard Revolution™?

Backyard Revolution is a breakthrough in DIY power grids. It's an incredible way to save $$$ on your power bill. More importantly, it's a permanent solution to power outages and grid failure. It is a disaster-proof way to ensure that your home has a constant supply of power. 

In simple terms, it's a step-by-step guide to set up an alternative power grid for your home. You can use it to power your entire home or just augment the existing power supply. The benefits are many, starting with the obvious cost savings. But even if the entire power grid fails, your house will continue to have power. 

Backyard Revolution is a digital download that provides step-by-step instructions which make it ridiculously easy,  even for a complete novice to build a revolutionary solar power system from scratch. It is efficient, clean, renewable and environmentally friendly power, that can potentially last forever with minimal upkeep. We are sure that the price is affordable to most, and it comes with a 60-day guarantee. What do you have to lose really? 

My total savings so far are $312. And it's not even four months. I cant get over the fact that a rookie like me was able to follow the instructions to the T. It was so easy. It was life-changing even! The power bills haven't been over $58 in four months! I am recommending this to everyone I know! *Disclaimer: Individual results may vary and results may not be the same. 

Michael, from Ohio

I want to extend a sincere apology to Zack for calling this 'snake oil'. I can't believe even now that I have finally managed to put this together and it is powering my outdoor tool shed. To think of how easy this was and if everyone around the world had access to this information. I've shared it with all my near ones and  they were just stunned. Thank you for this breakthrough! *Disclaimer: Individual results may vary and results may not be typical.

Derek, from Cleveland

About The Author

Zack Bennett, a 42-year-old carpenter from Orlando, Florida, decided to set up an alternative power grid for his home after an intruder broke into his home one night, when the local power grid had collapsed. He decided that the safety and security of his loved ones was in his own hands, rather than relying on external sources. So, he plunged into the world of solar panels and power grid systems. 

But Solar power is riddled with so many hurdles, that we are sure you all can relate with. The primary one is expense. To that end, he started to research ways in which he could lay out enough solar panels in his tiny 500-square-foot backyard. The answer is Backyard Revolution, based on an MIT study that was published in 2012. He wrote and published the Backyard Revolution e-book to make this information accessible to one and all. 

How does Backyard Revolution™ Work?

During the course of his research, Zack Bennett stumbled upon a 2012 MIT study. The big draw of this study was a unique, small-scale 3D solar array that arranged solar panels on top of one another, rather than the conventionally used horizontal panels. What makes this vertically-oriented design, a sheer genius is the distinct, tilted, positioning of each solar panel. The zig zag pattern enables them to receive 100-percent sun exposure while reducing the overall footprint. 

Backyard Revolution takes this solar panel layout and repurposes it for home use, making it bigger and infinitely more powerful. In fact, you can very well scale this to power as many things as you'd want to. 

While it is substantially larger in size than the MIT prototype, the Backyard Revolution system has an overall footprint of just ten square feet. That's all it takes to power your home. Moreover, Jack's background in woodworking makes it possible for anyone to set it up in no time. 

Instant Access to The Backyard Revolution™! 

Regular Price: $247
$17 Today!
Limited Time Only!

I now feel more secure than we ever did. We know that even if the power system collapses for some reason, we will still have power in our home. Thank you Backyard Revolution  *Disclaimer: Individual results may vary and results may not be typical.

Cathy, Missouri 

When I was first told that I could reduce 50% off my power bill in less than a couple of weeks, I had a fight with my wife calling this a rip off. Cant blame me. I've been ripped off before and have been a skeptic mostly. But she convinced me. 

A month later, I cannot believe this. In just two weeks, the readings had dropped from roughly 230Kw to 88. What's amazing is that I was actually using more power during the winter. Thank you to Wanda for pushing me to try this and to Zack for making this so simple. Everybody in the world should harness the potential of solar power with the Backyard Revolution *Disclaimer: Individual results may vary and results may not be typical.

James S Buckner, Wichita Falls, TX

What Do You Get In The Backyard Revolution™ System?

The Complete Backyard Revolution System

Three easy tweaks to your energy system that can help you maximize your power output.
Easy to use, step-by-step, A to Z blueprints to create a prototype of the MIT 3D Solar power panel tack. The key to inexpensive and green electricity.
An easy to follow video guide that walks you through every step of the Backyard Revolution process in extreme detail. If you get stuck or have doubts, just pause, rewatch. Reach out to customer support. 

For limited time, you'll also receive four amazing bonus products with your Backyard Revolution purchase...

Bonus #1: Homestead EMP Protection Protocol (Value $47)

A potential EMP attack has been on every American's nightmare list. This bonus shows you how to secure your new power grid and make it EMP proof. It's not just EMP proofing though. The grid will stay protected from any devastating man-made or natural catastrophe that may result in a local power grid collapse. 

Bonus #2: Energy Stockpiling Secrets (Value $47)

Do you know that even with the tiny 10x10 Backyard Revolution Prototype, there is a possibility that you might produce surplus power? Energy Stockpiling Secrets, shows you how to store this surplus power using batteries. You will also learn how to keep these batteries charged, how to revive old batteries and even make brand new ones from spare parts and scraps. 

Bonus #3: Homestead Alternative Energy Sources (Value $47)

Homestead Alternative Energy Sources adds to the incredible cost savings that you get with the Backyard Revolution system. It contains other energy saving and producing solutions that you may never have heard or read about. Like all the other Backyard Revolution bonuses, this amazing eBook is included free of cost. 

Bonus #4: 60-Day Money Back Guarantee

Backyard Revolution comes with a 60-day Iron clad Money Back Guarantee. If it doesn't work for you in the first two months, or you cannot save money on your power bills in this duration, just claim a refund. No questions asked. 

After watching this, I was just furious at myself, at people and at the power hungry world in general. Why was this information hidden from everyone for so long? Shouldnt it be easily accessible? I am not complaining though. The power bills have been reducing and I now have a disaster proof alternative power system that works *Disclaimer: Individual results may vary and results may not be typical.

Nathan, from State College, PA

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If Solar Power is so clean and 'cheap', why aren't more people using it? 

Solar Power is indeed the future. But it's a nascent industry and one that comes with a steep (intimidating for most), learning curve. Backyard Revolution takes the learning curve away by making it possible to maximize your output without increasing the overall cost and space. 

Is the Backyard Revolution system tough to build? 

For most people with basic knowhow of carpentry, it's a one man job that can take a few hours at best. Zack's goal was to make the system accessible to one and all, irrespective of how skilled they are at woodworking. 

How long does it take to set this up?

Unfortunately, that depends on your skill and expertise with woodworking, carpentry and tools. The Backyard Revolution video is just 30-minutes. But the actual time needed to set up the grid depends on many factors. There are people who do this as a weekend project. For others, it takes days. 

My Backyard is tiny. Can I still set this up? 

The Backyard Revolution system is specially designed to fit into compact places. If you have 10 square feet of space to spare, you can create and use the system with no problems at all. 

Does this work in cold places?

That's the beauty of solar energy. As long as there's sunlight, a panel will function normally and generate power. Many parts of the world which are incredibly cold, are also blessed with hours of sunlight. Rather than judging it by the temperature, use the available sunlight as a measure of how effective this will be. 

Can I use Backyard Revolution to power my entire home? 

Technically yes. But it also depends on what you call home. There are homes that are hundreds of acreage of farm land. It would be impossible to power that with a tiny device like this. Besides, never rely on a single power source ever. That said, you can very well scale this to power even large homes. 

Instant Access to The Backyard Revolution™! 

Regular Price: $247
$17 Today!
Limited Time Only!

Our 60-Day Money Back Guarantee

To make your purchasing decision easier, Backyard Revolution comes with a 60-day unconditional money back guarantee. If for some reason, you aren’t  satisfied with it, you can contact them within 60 days of purchase and claim a full refund. No worries, no hassles, no questions asked!
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